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This book was an awesome read. It brought back memories as well as focused on a not often discussed topic in black society real love and leadership. This book looks at leadership, family love, love for your peers and love for your significant other. It lays down a blueprint that can help us understand the different facets of leadership and expressing our love. It also shows how sometimes the conscious and unconscious suppression of this beautiful act affects individuals and by and large families. Through the eyes of the author, you see how important leadership and love plays it’s part in his life and the benefits associated with showing genuine love. I strongly recommend this book. Have a read and go on the journey of knowing, cultivating leadership traits and showing love. (Dalland Trowers)

This is a MUST read for all men who desire to be great Fathers and Leaders. You SHOULD get it right away! Once I opened the pages, I COULD not put it down. This is as real as it gets, the author through his real-life experiences breaks down the true essence of leadership and the fundamental fact that it begins at home. It is an emotional roller coaster that will run from the extremes of joy to tears. It is a real triumphant story and a true testament that challenges the reader with exercises to be better LEADERS, FATHERS, HUSBANDS and HUMAN BEINGS. (Cee Jay)

WHEN A MAN LOVES… more than just a book of stories and life experiences. It tells gives you history, obstacles and tangible examples that help you understand or see the minute details of your own life. Not only that, it also gently challenges you to practice specific things to help you progress as you read the book. Its interactive by then having your complete activities that will help you reach your goal to be a better human being. (Jackie J.)


It highlights a path that many men I know are following where we repeat the mistakes of our fathers. It helped me to see that one can overcome our shortcomings through hard work and most importantly honesty. It’s filled with helpful tidbits to help one see life through a new lens. (Omar Broadbelt)

I appreciate this book. Very relatable, transparent motivational and challenging all at the same time. It gives you a vivid imagery of inner-city life, it’s struggles and how having the right influences in your life can lead to success and triumph regardless of the obstacles on your path. The chapter on forgiveness did it for me considering how the author could have lost his life. The ability to forgive someone who almost took your life requires a quality that can only come from a divine source. The book has a lot more than the points I’ve highlighted. Awesome read especially for men.!! (The Preacher Man)


This book is amazing. I love the openness and honesty. I loved how the author took you on a journey through his life, the obstacles he had to go through. It shows you that no matter where you start or what you’re going through, you can get through it. It teaches you about love and forgiveness. Way to go Mr. Kennedy, I look forward to your next book. (Kimmy B)

Awesome read! Excellent break down of love, leadership, and forgiveness. Author shows how a man can be a leader and still show emotion and compassion for people. Great examples and questionnaires that will help to take you to the next level in your journey. Pete Kennedy looking forward for the next book this one was definitely an eye opener! (Happy Customer)

The author has a modest personality shows true perseverance, which very relatable in various communities throughout the world. I love the transparency shown in this story very heartfelt. Modern fatherhood margins surpass every barrier reading for families across the globe. Story exemplifies values, growth, integrity, selfless passionate mother’s support, and heart for the family. (Happy Customer)

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